About the Guild

Cuesta La Honda Guild is a common interest development of almost three hundred homes in the forested mountains of the San Francisco Peninsula.  The Guild was incorporated in 1936 to provide water, recreational facilities and roads to its members. Initially, most residents were seasonal, escaping from cities and suburbs to the fresh air, forests and trails of the coastal mountains. The Guild provided fresh drinking water, a small man-made lake, a swimming pool, a playground, a fish hatchery, a shooting range, and hiking trails.

Today, most residents live in Cuesta year-round.   Over the years, the shooting range and hatchery were decommissioned, and a tennis court, basketball court, horse arena, sand volleyball court and clubhouse have been added to the recreation facilities.  Recently, a disc golf course was donated by members.

The water treatment system has grown from a sand & gravel filtration system with two-inch delivery pipes to an automated membrane filtration plant delivering its output to homes and hydrants through 6 and 8 inch pipes throughout most of the system.  The community is an eclectic, and some say eccentric, mix of tradesmen, educators, scientists, engineers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, poets, and the occasional dreamer.

Cuesta Guild Office (M/T/Th/F, Noon – 4PM):

120 Scenic Dr., Box 518, La Honda, CA 94020 P: 1 650-747-0361

Water Emergencies: 1 866-335-9716

Online Info: La Honda in Wikipedia, LH Volunteer Fire Brigade

Read: CLHG Public Works 2022 Consumer Confidence Report

Administration: Grayson Community Management
Regular Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Phone: 1 866-335-9716

Webaxis Homeowner Portal: https://grayson.cincwebaxis.com/clh

Access account balances, online payments, Guild documents and other exclusive information: Cuesta La Honda Guild (cincwebaxis.com)